I’m Back

As most of you already know, I’ve been neglecting my blog for over a year because a lot has happened. I’m basically preoccupied with my new life in graduate school  where I’m working on my thesis to get a Masters in Philosophy. I’m writing seminar papers, attending seminars, interacting with professors, socializing with new friends in campus, and working on my thesis. I also traveled to conferences to present my papers and just recently I applied to over 20 PhD programs. Along the way, I lost around forty pounds through dieting and exercising. Again, a lot has happened in a couple years.

Those aren’t the only reasons why I didn’t blog for the past two years or so. Most of the time I simply don’t know what to write. After i’m finished with seminars and TA’ing, I simply want to hit the sack or turn off my critical mind for a bit while watching Netflix shows, playing PS4, or socializing with  my new friends. However, I’m prepared to come back to my blog and post weekly on issues. I do want to remind my readers that almost none of my blog post will have a quality of a well-written and well-argued seminar paper because I want to keep this semi-casual. This doesn’t mean I won’t introduce any argument in my post because, again, this blog is intended to be a philosophy blog.

In my next blog post, I’m going to write about the exchange between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. This may surprise some of you because in the past I strongly disliked Sam Harris. However, overtime, I begin to change my mind as I listen to his podcasts. I still think Sam Harris is deeply wrong and philosophically uninformed on the topics of Freewill and Meta-ethics, but I’m beginning to see that he’s at least relatively competent enough to hold a decent interview and conversation with philosophers like Daniel Dennett, David Chalmers, and Peter Singer.



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